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Corporate TV

Have your own TV channel for your company or organization now become simple thing, we over any solution technology and business model to provide you with corporate TV solution.

  • Corporate TV Setup
    1. You will have mini TV Station & TV Studio on your company
    2. If your company or organization already have television, we can integrate all of the television and centralize them to broadcast your own corporate TV content.
    3. Block another channel with your corporate TV channel, this will help you to announce important message through your television set .
    4. If you want , your TV channel can reach multiple display such as PC, Tab, Mobile Device, etc.
    5. We have all technology to deliver your content with Cable TV, Digital TV, IPTV, Internet TV.
  • Corporate TV Management
    1. You will not be bothered build new division or prepare new employee to maintain your corporate TV, we will do all for you.
    2. We will produce content for you, maintain your  TV  channel . You just sit down and monitor our job, and we will take whole operation  of your corporate TV.


    Our Corporate TV Solution :

    • Banks 
    • Supermarkets and Cafes
    • Airports
    • Travel agencies
    •  Hotels
    •  Hospitals
    • Schools/ Universities
    • Pharmacies
    • Malls
    • Public Administration
    • Etc.