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TV Demodulator DM-96

TV Demodulator DM-96
TV demodulator DM-96 is the CATV equipment head-end, apply to receiving plough TV sign, The demodulator output video sign and audio sign can load to leading end of the demodulator directness, thereby carry out the plough TV sign switch to CATV closed
circuit television.
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Key Features
1.    Adopt frequency compose technology, CPU control, can choice channel directness.
2.    Frequency stabilization, control convenience, nicety.
3.    Operation convenience, one time connect, long time needn't adjustment.
4.    Video and audio output all standard sign.
5.    Input channel display from three Nixie tube in front of the faceplate.
6.    Adopt integrative demodulation, the produce face have specialty of high dependability and high temperature stability.
7.    Luxurious standard crust.

Technical Specification


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